Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 7

Today was a great 18.1-mile day! I did my usual morning routine and actually wasn't feeling very well when I left camp...a little nauseous but it went away once I got moving. I caught up to Fiber and Veto who were stopped at some trail magic! I stopped as well and enjoyed an orange soda and continued on for 5 more miles to Jim and Molly Denton Shelter for a morning break. Fiber and Veto were just leaving as I arrived and Bear Bag got there shortly after me. We left at the same time for the 5.5 miles to Manassass Gap Shelter for a lunch break. On the way we heard a rustle in the woods and looked over and saw a bear cub running up a tree. Another one sprinted in the opposite direction. So neat! That makes 8 bears for me total! We knew the mother was close so we moved on and lunched at the shelter as planned. The four of us left from there for only 4.5 miles to go for the day...since when does 18 qualify as a "short" day? The miles were easy and we arrived at Dicks Dome Shelter in an hour and a half. The shelter is small; the book says it only sleeps 4...interesting. Tomahawk, Bear Bag, and I are inside again for lack of good tent spots. It was great to get to camp early in the day; I didn't feel rushed doing my camp chores! I did my daily tick check and found one in my big toe on my right foot. VERY tiny but I pulled him out and hopefully that's the end of it. I'll keep an eye on the spot for a rash. Today was a relaxed and enjoyable day. It was hot and humid though and is supposed to be even more so for the next few days. Two more big-mileage days and then Bear Bag, Fiber, Veto, and I are planning to take the train from Harpers Ferry to Washington D.C. I can't wait! On another note, Tomahawk is going home for a week or so so this is the last night we'll be with him for awhile. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up again up the trail.
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