Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 9

The stay at Bears Den was wonderful but short...we had more work to do today! I left with Bear Bag and Veto before 7 and we finished the Roller Coaster in the "cool" morning...and by cool I mean 80 degrees! Dripping sweat early again. The final three climbs weren't too difficult and the rest of the trail today was pretty smooth with gradual ascents and descents. Very rocky though...when are we going to get out of the rocks?! We crossed the 1000-mile mark this morning! An incredible feeling and a significant milestone. Almost halfway!
It was hot again; the high today was 99! Heat advisories all over the place so I drank plenty of water and we took a lot of breaks. We did the 20 miles by 4:30 and arrived at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Headquarters to get our pictures taken. I started as number 301 and am now I going that slow?! Haha. It feels good to be here after doing huge miles for the past 8 days. We're taking a train into Washington D.C. tomorrow for a day trip...looking forward to doing something other than hiking for awhile!
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  1. Bear Den, kool place. Loved the mural on the wall. Good food and nice people.