Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thoughts From the Public Library

Waynesboro, VA, mile 854.0

I apologize for the lack of pictures...and lack of content. I normally don't journal until I'm in bed and by that time, well...I'm ready for bed. My goal for the rest of the trip is to make a conscious effort to keep a better journal with more details and stories as opposed to simple log notes. Aaand, maybe I'll eventually find the time and energy to post pictures as well. (Maybe...)

So, it's June 1. June 1! I've been on the trail now for 2.5 months; it's hard to believe so much time has passed. I think about my daily activities now compared to what they used to be and it's such a contrast that anything other than getting up and hiking every day seems abnormal. As strange as it sounds, showering daily is nearly unfathomable. Clean? What's clean? Standards out here are incredibly low but it makes life so...burdenless, so peaceful. When my family came to visit they asked me what the best part of the trail has been so far. Undoubtedly it is the freedom. Schedules and time constraints are nearly nonexistent out here. Life is simple, and life is pure. I wake, I eat, I walk, I sleep. The actions are simple but the mind is always at work..there are struggles, there are smiles, and there are sights to see. There are so many things to see. There is so much laughter to feel. And there will always be so many things to learn. This journey is incredible.

The other day I stopped for a break at a road crossing:
The old man steps out of his pristine white car, a possession cleaner than anything I have owned or touched for the last two months. "Which direction are you headed?"
I shove to the side of my mouth the monsterous bite of Clif bar that I so savagely just ravaged in my frantic caloric deficit feeding frenzy. "North," I say, and motion with my head toward the trail.
The man smiles and nods. "Well, you're headed in the right direction..."
(I'm pretty sure he's right)


  1. I'm pretty sure he's right, too!

  2. This made me tear up a little. You really are on an incredible journey, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it this past weekend. Not only are you able to experience the beauty of nature all around, but you get to meet people from so many walks of life who all share a common mindset and goal. You’re able to focus on relationships…with the world, with other people…without the obligations of life getting in the way. That kind of lifestyle is fascinating, and it’s one that many people only dream of (or don’t even realize can exist). I’m so glad you’re approaching this journey with an open heart and mind; you’ll come away from it with heart and mind overflowing. Know also that every day you get up and continue on your journey, you’re inspiring others on their journeys as well. Keep on trekking!
    Love, your sis