Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 1

One of Veto's friend's parents gave us a ride to the Dover train station this morning and we caught the train into New York. The ride was about 75 minutes and we arrived at Penn Station to an unsurprisingly huge crowd...very overwhelming! We stepped outside of the station, which is underneath Madison Square Garden, and I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed! I'd never been to NYC; we went to DC a few weeks ago but weren't in the downtown area...I haven't seen a city in awhile! Lots of people and bustle. Our first stop was the Empire State Building...86 floors and a long elevator ride later we were at the top. The city was unbelievably huge! Buildings and streets extended to the horizon in each direction; we could see the Statue of Liberty as well. Veto needed to go to the bank and Fiber to the bookstore so we all planned to meet up at Times Square. Bear Bag and I stopped at the New York Public Library and saw some interesting things: a Beethoven manuscript, Gutenberg bible, one of only 5 copies of the Declaration of Independence, and lots more! We then walked to Times Square to look around and met up with Fiber and Veto there. Our next stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We walked there from Times Square, passing Central Park and stopping for hot dogs along the way. We could have spent all day in the Met! Artifacts, weapons and armor, and lots of paintings and sculptures. We didn't even see it all! We took the subway back through town and met up with two of Fiber's friends at Heartland Brewery. We caught the 6:18 train back to Dover and Billy gave us a ride back to Veto's house. New York was fun but I don't think I could handle much more than a day! Tomorrow is another zero and hopefully a more restful one!
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