Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 10

Bear Bag, Tippy Toes, and I left camp a little late this morning, around 7:30. We planned for 19.6 miles and the terrain was a bit more challenging than it has been...lots of short, steep, rocky climbs and descents that required some hand usage versus poles. Tippy Toes's mom was meeting her at a road crossing and we made the 10-ish miles by noon. She left and Bear Bag and I continued on. We stopped for lunch at a stream and headed on to the Lemon Squeezer, a very narrow section of the trail between two rock faces. I had to unbuckle my tent from the back of my pack in order to fit through! Immediately after was another rocky climb with one section that was literally rock climbing. There was an "easy route" around the mountain but being the purist that I am I had to follow the actual trail. The rock face was every bit of 7 feet tall and we hesitated a bit trying to find the best route up. I went first, throwing my poles up above, and climbed and crawled my way up...success--exhilarating! I've come to enjoy the rocky, boulder-y climbs that require more than just walking! We continued on through beautiful trail...grassy meadows on mountaintops and a forest of dense evergreens. New York really is beautiful! On one of the climbs I took a step,felt my left foot pop, and felt the all-too-familiar pain that I limped on for about 400 miles...just when it was starting to feel normal again! I was pretty upset and the pain was disheartening. I'm hoping it doesn't last and that my foot doesn't swell like it did the first time of tonight it hasn't but it's so painful!..difficult to bend my foot so the limp is back...sigh.
We came to a road crossing and knew that .3 east was Lake Tiorati; the guidebook listed restrooms there so we decided to brown blaze to check them out. We ended up cooking dinner at the lake as well since the shelter has an unreliable water source. On our way back to the trail we saw what I think may have been a peregrine falcon fly by and light on a tree branch...beautiful! We didn't get back on the trail until almost 8 and still had 4.3 miles to go. We ended up stopped about 1.5 miles from the shelter but are planning to get up early and catch the others tomorrow!
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  1. Tjank you for the update, sorry to hear about your foot hurting again.