Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 11

Bear Bag and I were up by 4:15 and out of camp at 5:20...I've left camp in the dark before but last night was the first time I'd set up camp in the dark on this trip. We had about a mile and a half to the shelter and saw Pappy and Muffin Man, the only ones awake, as we passed through. The trail today was again lots of ups and downs--very exhausting! The others caught us with about 5 miles to go, and we all took a break on Bear Mountain where I shamefully splurged and bought a $2 Powerade. We headed down to the Bear Mountain rec center to wait for one of Veto's friends who was supposed to bring us trail magic! He brought sandwiches, crackers, hummus, fruits, cheese, many good things! It was wonderful and we ended up taking a nearly 3-hour break. We finally got back on the trail and passed through the trailside zoo and museum, seeing reptiles and a few mammals, including 2 bears. The lowest point of the trail is actually right in front of the bear cage...120 feet! Next we crossed the Hudson River on the Bear Mountain Bridge and followed the trail through several more ups and downs. Bear Bag and I made a pit stop for food at a gas station right off the trail and we all ended up at Graymoor Spiritual Life Center, a pavilion off the trail with a privy and a cold but refreshing and appreciated shower. Fiber's friend Taylor came to visit and she brought us all kinds of goodies...vegetables, strawberries, cookies, brownies...all delicious! My foot is a bit swollen and certainly sore. Whatever had healed itself from the original injury has definitely been unhealed and I'm really hoping it doesn't get as bad as it was before. It's been a long but wonderful day and tomorrow may be a short one--we're thinking of staying at a state park only about 12 miles away!
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