Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 13

I left my vestibule unzipped all night and was comfortable; I only woke up once during the night! Bear Bag and I left camp second to last (to Rambling Man) and started the road walk back to the trail. We stopped at the park office to get water...much better than that from the bathroom sink! I stuck my thumb out but to no avail and we ended up walking the mile back. We had 15.8 trail miles to go today and stopped for lunch at RPH Shelter--such a nice place complete with bunks and some trail magic we missed out on! We did eat some dry Frosted Flakes with our lunch and we used some ice from the cooler for cold water...the thing I miss most out here! After lunch we had about 9 miles left which included a few steep but short climbs and a cross over I-84. My foot again bothered me all day with some sharp pain but mainly just a constant ache. I'm getting new shoes when I go home for my sister's wedding so I'm hoping that will help. In the meantime, I'm hiking on my "club foot" again.
It sprinkled lightly on us for about the last mile and we made it to Morgan Stewart Shelter to find everyone else plus Tippy Toes and Peru here. They all stopped at a small store today so Bear Bag and I are going to have to go into Poughquag in the morning for a short resupply. Hoping for a quick hitch!
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