Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 14

Unfortunately, no quick hitch. (Read: no hitch at all...)
It was a chilly morning but the cooler weather was certainly welcome and felt wonderful! Bear Bag and I made quick time of the 3.5 miles to the road and started walking, thumbs out, toward Poughquag, NY. A busy road but no luck. There was supposed to be a grocery store 1.5 miles from the trail but the plaza we found only included a gas station for resupply. We stocked up on gas station junk and headed to a deli for a mid-morning lunch. We started the walk back to the trail and again had no luck hitching...friendly people who wave and honk but don't pull over! The rest of the trail was pretty flat and we made great time, arriving at the shelter before 6. A few of Pappy's friends brought us trail magic right to the shelter! Homemade pepperoni rolls, cinnamon rolls, and pudding, and watermelon and other goodies. Delicious! There aren't many good tent spots so I'm on a nice little hill and used my freestanding pole as there are lots of rocks around. We're heading into Connecticut and stopping in Kent to resupply tomorrow.
My sister is getting married next Saturday so I will be leaving the trail for 4-5 days. Bear Bag is coming with me and we are going to try to hike ahead of the group for a few days to make it easier to catch up later. So sad to think tomorrow may be the last time I see everyone!
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