Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 15

You know how I used my freestanding pole last night? I woke up about 3 feet downhill from where I had originally set my tent! Ha! I woke sometime during the night to the sound of something on my tyvek groundsheet...mouse maybe? Luckily I couldn't find any damage. Before anyone left this morning we all got a group picture in case I don't see them again...very sad! We all got on the trail to head toward Connecticut. The trail crossed into CT and back to NY before crossing the border for good. I was pretty excited since I've never been to CT! Hello New England! We had a few climbs today, including one around 800 feet!...not very significant but larger than what we're used to. We crossed the beautiful Ten Mile River, running into Towns along the way, who I haven't seen since the Smokies!
Bear Bag and I got to the road to Kent around 4. The town is only .8 from the trail but we were going to try to hitch a ride anyway. There was a man walking toward us on the road carrying a fishing pole and as soon as he approached us he said, "You need a ride into town?" Yes we do!! Carl drove us to the outfitter but before we stopped he asked, "Do you like ice cream? My treat..." Seriously?! We told him that wasn't necessary but he insisted and took us to this fancy chocolate place and bought us each a large iced Belgian chocolate drink...SO delicious! He told us a bit about the area and drove us back to the outfitter. Talk about trail magic! Totally unexpected and very appreciated! Bear Bag's poles needed new tips but the outfitter was sold out so he'll have to wait, but he got some new socks and fuel for his stove. Our next stop was the grocery store for resupply. We were sitting outside packing our food and the whole gang showed up!..They had come from the laundromat. Mishka and Meehow, Towns, and Ramblin' Man were in town as well. We said goodbye to everyone as they are planning to take a zero tomorrow...time for us to get ahead! We got some dinner at an Italian place and headed back to the trail at 8. We walked about a half mile out and decided to call it a day. It's going to be strange to not see the group for awhile but hopefully we can catch them easily when we get back. Until then, it's a push for MA!
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