Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 16

Four months on the trail!!
Bear Bag and I got a late start this morning and headed up the mountain to the ridgeline. The morning was hot and muggy and sweaty, sweaty, sweaty. We met a ridgerunner along the way who told us about trail magic down at the road in a few miles...trail magic!! She also told us about Silver Hill campsite and how there were nice tent spots and a porch swing, along with a water pump. Hmm...
On our way down the very steep and rocky St. Johns Ledges, we ran into the couple who was giving trail magic...friendly people! We made it to the road and they had left Gatorade, soda, and lots of snacks, so we indulged before heading up the flat trail along the beautiful Housatonic River. Not feeling very ambitious today we decided to stop at Silver Hill for the night. We washed up and did some laundry, enjoyed the swing, and are planning for an early night tonight as we have to make up the miles we didn't do today...
Today was the first day without the group; it feels a bit strange but I think it will really set in after a few days without them.
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