Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 17

We met our first southbounder today! Jason showed up at our campsite early this morning brown blazing (going out of your way to use a privy). He started about a month ago and told us some info about the trail ahead. Very neat to talk to someone who's been where we're going!
The morning was slow going and we did 6.6 sawtooth miles at only 2 miles per hour. We lunched at Pine Swamp Branch Shelter feeling completely exhausted and I finally admitted to myself that I didn't think I could push for Lee, MA. Well, not that I couldn't, but that I didn't want to kill myself trying. So, we decided we'll get to Great Barrington and get picked up there to go home for the wedding...we have a few short days ahead! 14, 14, and 4, after today's 12 and yesterday's 10. I feel a bit lazy and weak but I have had very little energy lately and don't want to push too hard. The only downfall is that it will be very hard to catch the others. We'll see...
We did 5.8 miles from the shelter to Belters campsite tonight, a beautiful area in a pine forest with a spring nearby and a privy with no walls. Where in the Blazes and HeBGB are here as well. Tomorrow there is a chance of rain and storms...something we've been lucky to avoid lately! We'll see what happens...worst case scenario, we dry out in Ohio, right? :)
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  1. Thanks for the clarification on "brown blazing". A google search indicated that it means different things to different people.

    Enjoying the blog,

    Hope your foot feels better