Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 26

Today was back to the trail! We ate breakfast at the hotel and my parents drove Bear Bag and I back to the trail around 8 this morning. We said our goodbyes and were on our way! My pack felt heavy and my feet hurt despite (or because of?) the fact that I'm wearing new shoes...when am I going to stop hurting? The left foot was every bit as achy as normal'd think with 5 days off it would heal some!
Anyway, it rained yesterday and last night so everything was soaked this morning. The trail wasn't difficult but was not in very good shape and did a lot of winding. We decided to do a short day to ease ourselves back into things and ended up at Tom Leonard Shelter, 6.5 miles from Great Barrington...a super short day! We discussed moving on but then a thunderstorm moved in so we stayed put. We rode out the storm and heavy downpour for about an hour in the shelter and then set up camp and cooked dinner. We didn't see many people on the trail today. We met thru-hikers Coyote and Lady Sherpa (zeros mean new people!) who told us that Hooper and Tomahawk are not far behind! Maybe we'll get to see them again.
After dinner, Peru showed up! She took some time off as well and it was good to see her. We also saw a porcupine! My first one so it was pretty exciting. It waddled into camp a few times but has kept its distance. There are chew marks on the shelter and picnic table where he's been...glad I'm tenting tonight!
I didn't feel good while hiking today but it is nice to be back on the trail...minus the mosquitoes of course!
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