Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 28

I felt much better this morning (except for foot pain) and we were out of camp by 8. The trail was fairly easy and we made good time. We came to a spring where we stopped for lunch and set ourselves up for the big climb of the day. I did much better than expected, making it the whole way at a decent pace and without stopping. We did 15.8 miles today to Upper Goose Pond Cabin. The place is beautiful...a cabin, a lake, a bunkhouse on the top floor. The bunkhouse was crowded so Bear Bag and I are tenting out back along with a few other people. There are lots of thru hikers here...many of whom we don't know, but also Spitwalker! Haven't seen him for a loooong time. When we arrived the caretaker told us not to cook dinner because they were making spaghetti...and it was delicious! We ate our fill, chatted with fellow hikers, and took a canoe out on the lake for a relaxing! It felt good to use my upper body as well. Tomorrow we will do another good day and then nero into Dalton for showers and laundry. I was spoiled on the break and am having to get used to being dirty again!
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