Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 29

The morning began with delicious blueberry apple pancakes made by the caretaker. A fellow hiker heard a weather report that called for strong thunderstorms this evening...hmmm...
Sooo, Bear Bag and I debated the issue and decided to zero here at the cabin. No, we don't really need a zero right now, but this place is so nice! We lounged around all morning on the rocking chairs on the porch, and sat down by the lake and skipped rocks all afternoon...what a great day! It did sprinkle but nothing severe, although we heard a report of a tornado warning tonight. We decided to pack up our tents and sleep in the bunkhouse tonight to avoid the rain. It's started to rain a bit but whatever happens, I'll be glad to have a roof over my head!
As we were finishing up with dinner, none other than Tomahawk arrived! So great to see him as it was about 500 miles ago that we last saw him. We've been catching up this evening and enjoying familiar company!
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