Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 30

I slept okay last night despite the snorer in the bunkhouse...
It rained nearly all night but no tornadoes. We got blueberry pancakes in the morning again...such a treat! We set out around 8 for 17.6 miles to Kay Wood Shelter. We met up with Tomahawk while taking a break at October Mountain Shelter and when we went to leave we couldn't find the trail! Massachusetts has had some very poor and poorly marked trails; lots of rocks and roots and other debris, and lots of paths through the woods that look like the trail but aren't. We finally found our way, and made good time to the road crossing where the Cookie Lady is! She gave us cookies and we bought sodas and ice cream. The three of us lounged around in her yard for almost two hours, and debated camping there but decided to do 6.8 more miles to Kay Wood. They were flat and easy and we made good time. There is a group of section hikers here tonight, kids from a summer camp, but we are the only thru-hikers. There aren't many tent spots so we set our tents up in the shelter...tight quarters but we made it work! It's been a great day and I felt better today than I have for awhile. Looking forward to a shower and laundry tomorrow!
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  1. Nice to hear that you're back on the trail. I'm sure you'll get back in you're stride in no time. Also glad to hear that you're seeing some familiar faces. Thank you for you're journal. Be safe, and have fun :)