Friday, July 8, 2011

July 5

The day began as normal. I left the outdoor center with Bear Bag for a 15-ish mile day. We passed the ridge where we saw the fireworks last night and walked along the ridgeline for most of they day. There are lots of big groups on the trail; we saw at least 3 today! Since we took 3 days off we're also seeing thru-hikers we haven't met before...sometimes I forget that there are a bunch of people still behind us. This afternoon we passed a man and a woman going southbound with no packs and they were hiking very quickly...later we talked to Stroller who said the woman was the one trying to set the record for the fastest AT hike. Pretty cool that we saw her doing it, especially if she does beat the record (currently 47 days I think?). We were planning to stop at Brink Road Shelter but when we got there the mosquitoes were TERRIBLE! They started swarming as soon as I set my pack down. We filled up on water and continued north to find a place to stop and camp along the trail. We came upon the others camped about a half mile away and stopped there as well. We cooked away from our camping area as the bears in NJ are known to be bothersome...I actually cooked dinner right in the middle of the trail! Later someone passed by and informed us that Muffin Man was back at the shelter! I texted him to come and find us but he had already set up camp and said he would catch us tomorrow. Later he showed up in our camp! Apparently a bear was getting pretty close to his tent so he packed up and moved good to see him again; it's been since just after Waynesboro, VA!
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