Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 7

The morning began late and Bear Bag and I didn't leave camp until after 8! The morning was muggy already so we knew today was going to be a hot one. We took a side trail to the highest point in NJ (1803 feet), climbed the 200 steps to the top of the tower, and took a snack break. New Jersey has been beautiful; instead of Pennsylvania farmland we're seeing views of mountains and woods! We then stopped at High Top Shelter to fill up on water and were on our way again. We walked through a variety of settings today: rolling hills of farmland (looked like home!), a swamp with a boardwalk for a trail, green and rocky forest, and a swampy (read: mosquito infested) nature reserve. The water for Pochuck Mountain Shelter is a spigot on an abandoned house .4 before the shelter, so we stopped there to fill up and decided to cook dinner there as well. We washed up in the cool water (I actually feel kind of clean...) and had our dinner before climbing the mountain to the shelter. The rest of the group ended up going all the way into Vernon today since they couldn't find a good place to camp; they're unsure whether they will stay in town tomorrow or hike out, so our plans aren't set in stone. Either way, tomorrow should be a shower and laundry day!
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