Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 9

The stay at the hostel was great; we even got donuts this morning and a ride back to the trail! The morning was beautiful with the sun shining through the trees and the day started with a steep and rocky climb. After that the trail was pretty level but had a few steep sections where we had to climb with our hands to pull ourselves up. Bear Bag and I crossed into NY at about noon...state #9! So far I really like New York; something about the trail feels different and looks different. I felt great today as well! Mentally I felt better today than I have for a few weeks. There were lots of rocks today, mainly big boulders as opposed to small rocks, and I stood on the top of a mountain, felt the wind in my face, looked at the beautiful view, and felt so free and was wonderful! We came to a road crossing and knew there was a creamery close to the trail so we headed down the road. We both enjoyed waffle cones filled with delicious ice cream. There were lots of people there and several asked us about our hike and how far we'd come, etc...the usual! We did 2 more miles to Wildcat Shelter and it's crowded tonight! Section hikers as well as thru-hikers, including people we haven't seen for awhile: Tippy Toes and Mishka and Meehow. It's a little reunion! Today was a great day and we have a big one planned for tomorrow: 19.6!
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