Friday, July 1, 2011

June 27

The night was cool enough that the bugs didn't bother us sleeping in the shelter. The five of us left together for 8 miles to Palmerton, PA. We were planning to take a side trail 1.5 miles into town, but we met a ridgerunner along the way who told us the side trail was closed. Hmm...he said the road to town wasn't a very good place to hitch and was dangerous to walk, but that some people were hitching from a traffic light a bit farther up the trail and others were walking the train tracks into town. We opted to hitch, split up into two groups, and got quick rides into town...always exciting when someone pulls over to pick you up! We're staying at the Jail House Hostel, which is in the basement of a city building. There are bunks set up and a shower in the locker room of a gymnasium in the back of the building. Bear Bag and I found a flat basketball and shot around for awhile; it felt so good to jog around! We all ate lunch at Tony's, resupplied at the local grocery store (who gives hikers a free apple!), and visited the laundromat. I washed a towel I've been using to wipe off my tent and it completely fell apart in the washer and got all over everything else! The drying helped some but I still have fuzz all over my clothes! We ate dinner at Bert's and got cookies from the store for dessert. I've eaten so much today, but it's been everything I crave: pizza, ice cream, a cheeseburger, fries, and cookies. Tomorrow we're leaving town for 15-ish miles without water. The forecast is calling for strong storms and hail tomorrow...should be an interesting day!
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