Friday, July 1, 2011

June 29

It stormed during the night but morning broke sunny. The short day started slow as the rocks were abundant; it took me two hours to complete the first 4.4 miles. After a short break with everyone else, we headed up the only climb for the day...a short but steep one! Pennsylvania has been pretty flat but what climbs and descents we've had have been very steep with no switchbacks. The rest of the miles were flat but annoyingly rocky. On Wolf Rocks, a series of boulders we climbed over, I stepped down and heard a rattle...snake! I'd stepped right in front of it and moved quickly away as soon as I realized what it was. The snake was underneath a rock and I could see the rattle shaking in the shadows. Scary! Tonight we're camping .3 miles past Kirkridge Shelter at a beautiful overlook. Tomorrow is a nero into the Delaware Water Gap, then double zero at Veto's parent's house in NJ!
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  1. I wish I would have known you were this close I live in Wind Gap. Really a hikers dream in town, lots of places for a hiker to eat or resupply.