Friday, July 1, 2011

June 30

The night was chilly and we woke to a heavy dew--lots of condensation! We only had about 7 miles down to the Delaware Water Gap and NJ border. We weren't expecting our ride until noon so we had plenty of time. I did well on my resupply this time out--the only food I had left going into town was a pack of ramen, a knorr side, and a bit of peanut butter. Since my pack was so light I decided to try the dangerous and difficult pack flip this morning--putting my pack on by flipping it over my head. I've seen it done and told myself I wanted to be able to do it before the trip was over...why not try it today? Bear Bag filmed the ordeal for entertaining video for sure! The flip was somewhat successful after a few attempts but certainly wasn't pretty; I need more practice! Hopefully I can perfect it before Maine!
We finished the mainly downhill miles into town, crossed the Delaware River, and waited at the Kittatinny Visitors Center for our ride to come. Doc showed up (he had stayed at a hostel in town) and talked with us for awhile. A forest service employee came out of the visitors center to talk to us about our hikes as well...she even gave us homemade cookies and fresh strawberries and peas! Veto's friend Chris came to pick us up; Pappy's wife came as well and Fiber rode with her to Veto's house about 25 minutes away. First on the to-do list was eat so we ordered pizza...a stuffed meat pizza and a Sicilian with sausage and green pepper. Both amazing! We sat around catching up on Youtube videos we've missed out on for the last 3.5 months (haha) and then Chris took us to the grocery store for resupply. When we got back, Veto's friend Billy came over as well; he, Bear Bag, Fiber, Chris, and I passed a football around in the yard for awhile and enjoyed the nice evening. Later we watched a few episodes of Top Gear (Veto and Bear Bag have been raving about this show) and decided to call it a day around 11. We're taking the train into NYC tomorrow...I've never been there so I'm expecting a major culture shock going from the trail to the city!
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