Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 1

August 1? Unbelievable.
We intended to hike out today...isn't that always the plan? I was actually standing in Rob's front yard with my pack on when someone mentioned the word" zero." Tomahawk expressed interest in going to the library (yesterday was Sunday and everything was closed) and Bear Bag remembered something he needed to do there as well. The library didn't open until noon so we figured we would hang around for awhile, get to the library, and maybe hike out later. I walked down to the general store and ate popcorn and almost an entire box of powdered donuts for lunch, and got back to the house in time to catch a ride with Rob and everyone to the library. By the time we were finished there it was mid afternoon and who wants to start hiking in the hottest part of the day?...sooo, the day turned into a zero. Perfectly fine with me. I took a nap this afternoon and Rob gave us a ride for dinner again...and I ate Taco Bell AGAIN. Two crunchwrap supremes this time! A group of us sat in the living room and watched The Tourist, and just as I got in bed, Tomahawk came in and said I was missing the concert. What? So I go out to the kitchen and Rob and Terminator are playing guitars and singing. So awesome! Rob sounded great (so did Terminator), and they played mainly old country songs: John Denver, Waylon Jennings, Rocky Top, and lots of others. It was a great moment and everyone was laughing and singing along, about 10 hikers total. The sense of community was strong as ever.
It was another late but certainly enjoyable night, and it's back to the trail tomorrow...for real this time!
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