Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 13

Another relaxing morning and more McDonald's...
I took another shower this morning just because I could, and Bear Bag and I packed our food bags and everything else and headed to McDonald's for breakfast. We were only planning to go 2 miles out of town today so we weren't in any hurry and went back to the bookstore to sit around for awhile. I got all of my updates up-to-date using their Wifi (I haven't had 3G signal) and Bear Bag read for awhile. We then went back to McDonald's (AGAIN...only fast food in the area) for a late lunch before sticking our thumbs out along the road. We had walked for maybe 10 minutes when a guy in a pickup pulled over for us and we hopped in the bed...trucks make the best hitches! He drove us back to the trail and we headed up Bromley Mountain. We were going to stop at a shelter 2 miles in but were feeling good so we continued up the mountain. The trail followed a ski slope toward the summit which made for interesting hiking. We got to the top and climbed the observation tower for a great view of the ski lift! The views all around were beautiful though and full of mountains and sunshine. We spent about 15 minutes at the top and headed down to Mad Tom Notch where we planned to stop, making it a 5.5-mile day. There is a water pump nearby at the road and we found a little clearing to make camp. I wasn't very hungry since I had a late lunch so I just snacked for dinner. Bed time now as we have a 19-miler planned for tomorrow.
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