Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 14

There was a slight chance of rain last night but we stayed dry. The morning sky was blue but turned quickly to clouds as we worked our way up the trail. We ran into Squatch hiking southbound! I met him back in NC; he's making a documentary about the trail. He stopped us for a few minutes and asked us some questions, and we were on our way again. The sky threatened rain all day but just barely sprinkled on a few occasions. A day hiker told us the brunt of the rain should come tonight and tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes! The terrain wasn't difficult today but the trail is getting rougher...full of roots and rocks and mud. Vermont is beautiful though; lots of firs and moss and mountains. We are at Little Rock Pond Shelter tonight, a gorgeous spot right by the pond! Unfortunately this is a shelter maintained by a caretaker employed by the Green Mountain Club (I assume), so we have to pay $5 to stay for the night. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me but it is a nice, clean shelter. Tomorrow will be either 17 or 19 miles, depending on the weather!
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  1. WOW, you did not get rained on. The radar showed so much rain coverage in NE.

    Keep it up.

    Oh , thanks for the update.


  2. It sounds like the caretaker was "taking" the hikers. It looked as if you got hit with a lot of rain.