Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 15

The rain started about midnight--a steady, wind-driven rain that reverberated from the tin roof throughout the shelter. It woke me when it started and at several more times during the night. Dawn showed no signs of the rain letting up, and Bear Bag and I laid in our sleeping bags not wanting to brave the weather. I fell back asleep and woke again around 9, and again to steady rain. Our 17-mile plan was looking doubtful, so we decided to wait until the rain slacked off and do 5 miles to the next shelter.
Well, the rain never let up. And, we never did 5 miles. We figured up a plan and we can still be in Hanover, NH by Saturday morning to pick up our cold weather gear at the post office before it closes for the weekend. So, we stayed dry today. Several wet and weary hikers have come through throughout the day, and we have a full house of 8 tonight. The day was lazy and wonderful; there are not many feelings greater than that of being dry amidst a rain storm. I took a few naps, got some journaling done, and visited with Anna, the caretaker, and some of the other hikers. It's still coming down outside but I'm hoping the morning will be bright and sunny!
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