Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 17

The hotel had continental breakfast so we feasted ourselves this morning. Bear Bag has been having some digestive issues so he wasn't really in hiking I didn't object. Besides, with our detour to Rutland we would have arrived in Hanover on Sunday, so staying another day will save us having to pay for a more expensive place in Hanover while we wait for the post office to open on Monday morning. We walked across town to Walmart (1.3 miles in 15 minutes! So easy without packs and mountains) and Subway. We walked downtown and visited some of the local shops...very enjoyable! There was a movie theater in the plaza with Walmart so we checked that out as well and saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes... not really my thing but surprisingly enjoyable. McDonald's for dinner and Bear Bag is feeling a bit better this evening. Oh, and it didn't rain today! Hopefully things have dried out some! It's a long 12-ish mile hitch back to the trail in the morning...hope people are feeling friendly!
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