Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 19

I slept well to the sound of the stream nearby and Bear Bag and I left camp around 8:30. We started out with a short but steep climb that got the sweat dripping right off the bat. From there the trail was relatively flat but we didn't make good time for all the rocks, roots, and mud we had to navigate. For all the mud we didn't have yesterday, we certainly got it today! We walked by a river and through beautiful pine forests...that's what I love about New England--all the evergreens! We took an early lunch break and then started the 4-mile climb up Killington. It wasn't steep but long and tedious; again the trail was rough and we had to pick our way through slick rocks and roots. It took more than two hours to get to the top but I enjoyed the climb. I like the long, gradual climbs as opposed to the short, steep ones...I just get in a rhythm and keep on going. When we neared the top we started hearing thunder so we quickened our pace to the shelter at the top, an old ski lodge. We hunkered down for awhile to wait for the storm to pass along with a section hiker and Powhatan. It blew over us, only dropping a few sprinkles. The sun came out again and we completed 4.4 more miles to Churchill Scott Shelter. The lower elevations got a lot more rain; everything down here is soaked! We're tenting tonight as there are several people in the shelter. Hope the rain is done!
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