Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 2

Okay, okay, Dalton has officially sucked us in...this morning as we were getting packed up someone jokingly said "zero", our minds got to turning, and Tomahawk mentioned "movie theater"...and there it was: double zero all the way (haha)
The three of us walked down to the general store and got donuts for breakfast and spent a leisurely morning on the porch and cleaning up the house when Rob left to give a few slackpackers a ride. He then took Boom, Hot Sauce, Vlad, Tomahawk, Bear Bag, and I to the mall around noon. We ate lunch in the food court and headed to the movie theater. I wasn't much interested in anything that was showing but most people wanted to see Harry Potter so I tagged along. Not the greatest movie but at least it kept my attention for the most part. We had about an hour to kill after the movie let out, and there was an EMS store in the mall so we all congregated there. Bear Bag and I both bought new tips for our trekking poles; his were completely worn down and my were bent and we haven't been able to find tips for about 300 miles. Rob picked us up and we fixed our poles when we got back to the house, using an assortment of tools we found lying around.
For dinner we went to Misty Moonlight Diner, known for their Godzilla omelet, a 30-minute, 12-egg, meat, vegetable, toast, and potato challenge. GPS was the only one to attempt it and he failed with about an eighth of the thing left...still impressive and entertaining to watch!
So, it's one last night in a bed because we HAVE to get back to the trail tomorrow! As Rob Bird told us, "You won't get there if you don't leave here..."
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