Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 23

A perfect cool, blue-sky morning gave way to a great day. We left camp about 8:30 and in just a few minutes came to an 8-foot drop off that had an actual ladder against the rock face...made a technical section very simple! We took a break at a dirt road after 2 hours of hiking and a car pulled up as we were getting ready to leave. Two men were doing a short section hike and their wives were dropping them off. They gave each of us a pack of nutty bars...awesome! We headed up yet another hill--lots of up and down today--and took a side trail to The Lookout for a lunch break. We climbed the observation tower for a beautiful mountainous view and then ate lunch in the sunshine on some rocks below. The guidebook mentioned a farm store at a road crossing about 6 miles away so that was our next stop. On the way we passed through some gorgeous fields and farmland. On the Edge farm had a cute little general store and we bought sodas and cookies and other goodies and ate outside on the porch with Fur Bag and Bootlegger. We planned to do about 15 miles today so we got back on the trail for two more miles to Barnard Brook and we're camping in a field just up the hill. It's been a wonderful, perfect day...and it hasn't rained!...yet?
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