Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 24

We woke up soaked in dew this morning from sleeping in the field...the condensation in my tent was literally dripping down onto me and the foot of my sleeping bag was soaked. So frustrating. We headed uphill for an anticipated difficult day. We did about 15 miles but it felt like we walked uphill all day. Lots of steep climbs but none over 700 or so feet. We passed through an incredibly sloppy, soggy, muddy field where Bear Bag's and my feet got soaked. He actually stepped in mud over his shoes at one point, but I was lucky to avoid that section! We passed through lots of beautiful forest as well...sections of pines, mountain meadows, and thick hardwoods. We saw lots of maple tap lines as well, draining sap down the mountains to make syrup. Pretty interesting. The morning was slow going and we only had 6 miles done by lunchtime. We stopped to eat at Thistle Hill Shelter and continued down to West Hartford. The elevation profile showed this section to be about 5 miles downhill but it felt like half was uphill! We got down to the road and the trail passed by a deli so of course we had to stop. We each got a sandwich and sat inside for about an hour. Fur Bag, Bootlegger, and Square and Veggie showed up as well. We left the store with Square and Veggie for about 4 miles uphill to Happy Hill Shelter. We talked with them the whole way and it made the hiking seem much easier. We made good time and were here by 6:30. Lots of people here tonight, including a few southbounders and Magic Mix, who is hiking with a cat! Sir has been on the trail for about 2.5 months and 1200 miles and it's one of the cutest things I've seen out here. It makes me want one too!
Tomorrow we have 5.8 miles into Hanover and it's supposed to rain so we may end up staying in town. I'm willing to pay money to not hike in the rain!
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  1. Hiking with a cat, how unique. When we moved 5 states away a few years back I walked my cat on a leash to get him use to his new neighborhood. The neighbors wondered who this oddball was that had moved into their neighborhood :-)

    Stay safe this weekend and early next week. You are going to have swollen streams, high winds/rain and maybe low rations from local suppliers.

    Jim... aka Woodenarrows

  2. Thanks for the update. I look forward to reading them. A house cat on the trail with its human. Awsome.

    Sounds like you are having a beter go at it, good. Keep your spirits up. Enjoy the trip and the mud.

    Be carefull the the next week or so with the weather thats coming. We want to read the post and see the pics of you standing on top of the sign at Katadin.


  3. Hope you are safe and dry.


  4. Hi Hover! Congrats on being so close to NH! Or possibly there by now! Stay safe while the remnants of Irene move out. Hiking up there in bad weather isn't worth it,in my opinion!
    Good luck with the Whites and Maine, and I hope you have sunny days and great views!
    We met way back at Harper's Creek Shelter in Virginia, before the Shenandoahs. Sending good wishes and safe journey the rest of the way,
    Zipper VA-ME VA-GA '09

  5. Lindsey, you are amanzing! I realize I can't really comprehend your challenges every day. I just want you to know what an inspiration you are to me! I only experience the trail very quickly by reading about it. I started another AT book this morning while giving a test. Forty-five minutes later and I'm to Chapter 13: 249 miles from Springer Moutain and on Max Patch Bald. Prayers continue for you!

  6. I ran into you back on June 6th. I and some friends were waiting for two lost friends in the parking lot you stopped in for lunch. I ran across your blog a few weeks ago and have read it (I read a few blogs of thru-hikers every year). I am hoping to see you finish, but am worried that you haven't posted since the hurricane hit. I hope you are safe, and am anxiously awaiting your next post... Ken

  7. This is to Bear Bags Dad, ie Lindsay and bear Bag, I understand the area they were in was hit hard. Do you have any idea of their safety post Irene? I hope she has not been able to update due to infrastructure problems. I hope they are Ok.