Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 28

The rain started around 11 or so last night. We were sleeping in the middle of the shelter to avoid the cracks in the walls. I woke at 12:30 to a drip on my head. My headlamp revealed a leak in the roof, so we shifted our beds over to one corner for the rest of the night. We woke again at 6 to more dripping. Seriously? A leak over here too? So, we moved to the opposite corner of the shelter and slept a bit longer. The rain was steady and the wind picked up throughout the day, with gusts about 40 mph. The wind blew the rain right into our corner so the feet of our sleeping bags were getting soaked. We looked around and decided the drip on the other side wasn't THAT bad, and figured we'd be dryer over there out of the wind. So, we moved again, and Bear Bag re-duct taped the leak in the roof. There has been a constant mist blowing through the cracks in the walls all day, but we've been dry for the most part. The shelter floor is completely soaked except for where our beds are laying; we've been sweeping pools of water out periodically to keep our stuff dry. I'm not sure that anyone was out hiking today; we haven't seen any hikers, and I haven't left the 20-something feet by 10 or so feet sanctuary of the shelter and its small overhang all day! We've been reading for most of the day, and eating, and napping. Everything calmed down a bit this evening but has picked back up again. Surely the trail will be littered with debris; there are branches down all over the place near the shelter. Hopefully tomorrow the rain will have stopped and the wind will have weakened, and we can get some good miles in!
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  1. Good to see you made it through the Hurricane. Hopefully the rest of the hike has better weather.


  2. Bear Bag knows what to do with duct tape. I taught him everything he knows. However I bet he can show me a few new ways after this trip is over.

  3. Bing, Idea... pitch the tent overhead to divert the dripping water.