Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 3

I stayed in bed until 9 this morning!! So much for hitting the trail early. Bear Bag and I finally left the Bird Cage around 10, with our packs, to stop by the general store for breakfast. We left our packs outside and when we came back out, Bear Bag's pack was wet...his water bladder (as he puts it, was "exploding") was leaking inside. So, we reasoned, it didn't make much sense to leave town at that moment, because he couldn't carry much water. So, we headed back to the Bird Cage; Rob was making a Walmart run around noon. Our intended 14-mile day was shortened to a possible 5-mile day. We jumped in the van with the 8 or so others to head to the plaza, ate lunch at Taco Bell (yes, again), stopped by Barnes and Noble, and went to Walmart...who was sold out of water bladders. A nearby sporting goods store didn't have anything either unfortunately. So, he decided he would use Gatorade bottles until he could find something else. We decided to spend the rest of the day in Dalton and continue with our original plan tomorrow. Yes, that means three zeros in a row. Do I feel lazy? Only slightly. It rained this afternoon and it's an amazing feeling to not be out in the woods when it's raining. After today, though, I'm ready to start hiking again; my legs are getting restless. It's been really difficult to get back into the swing of things but it's time.
Since we were staying with Rob another day, we bought him some soda and toilet paper and left him some more money in his donation jar...I imagine it's expensive to do what he does! We bought cereal, milk, and ice cream as well to eat for dinner and breakfast. I also texted Tomahawk to let him know we were staying again; he had hiked out this morning. We'll just have to catch up! We walked to the library early evening to use the internet, and watched Dumb and Dumber with everyone else while eating ice cream and Reese's Puffs. Lazy? Of course not...haha!
There are 16 or so people here tonight, including 7 southbounders! It's neat to hear what they have to say about the trail we're getting into, and to share our stories as well...we've done 75% of the miles; they've done 75% of the work!
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  1. Thanks for the update. You have many people reading your blog. Woodenarrows has been following, problems replying, he asked me to say Hi and enjoys your posts.

    Remember, one foot infront of the other, you WILL make it.

    Hugz, Lonewolf