Monday, August 8, 2011

August 4

We finally escaped from the Bird Cage! Bear Bag and I left a little before 8 and backtracked through town to find where we left off on the trail. The blazes cut through town for nearly a mile before getting back into the woods again. My pack was uncomfortable and my feet punishment for taking three days off? The terrain felt pretty good though and the trail felt good under my feet as well. The AT cuts right through Cheshire, MA, and passes an ice cream shop so of course we had to stop. We each got a cone and sat outside enjoying them. There were a couple of bikers there and they had lots of questions for us about the trail. The guy told us as he was leaving, "May the wind be at your back..." It made me smile. That's always been one of my favorite sayings; what more could you want than to always have motivation, encouragement, and nothing to hold you back?
The sky was looking a bit ominous so we decided to pull off for the night after 10-ish miles today...a good, easy transition. Glad we did too because it rained not too long after. Tomorrow we conquer Mt Greylock, the highest point in MA!
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