Monday, August 8, 2011

August 5

What is wrong with me? I woke today and did not feel good at all and had trouble getting out of bed...what's going on? I felt nauseous too, a little dizzy, and had a headache that persisted throughout the day. Bear Bag and I got packed up, and I had my pack on when I decided hiking was not on the menu today. I feel so mentally weak...
We were still close to Cheshire and actually walked back into town to St Mary of the Assumption church hostel. No showers here (not that I really need one) but a bathroom to use and a couch to sit on does it for me. We ate pizza for lunch and got ice cream later; even walking around town was difficult. Why am I so lethargic?
I took out the rocks I picked up on Springer today and held them for the first time in a long time. I was so angry with myself for being weak, for not progressing, and for leaving my strength somewhere in the mid-Atlantic lowlands. When will I feel strong again?
I'm banking on feeling 100% tomorrow and blasting up and over Greylock...ha! Okay, no matter how I feel tomorrow, I AM going to get up and over Greylock!
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