Monday, August 8, 2011

August 6

I didn't feel good this morning either but I knew we had to get back to the trail. Mt Greylock was the big climb today, our first 2000-foot climb since Virginia (I think)! It wasn't very difficult as the climb was pretty gradual but I didn't have much energy and had stomach cramps and felt dizzy and lightheaded. We finally made it to the top along with Rainbow, Firestarter, and Natty, who were also at the hostel last night. There was a little cafe there so we had lunch together and sat outside for awhile. The wind was blowing and it was chilly up on top of the mountain! There is a tower on top (it's the highest point in MA), so Bear Bag and I climbed to the top for a great but cloudy view. Looking to the north there were's finally starting to feel like we're back in the mountains! Very encouraging. There were lots of people there so we got all the usual questions, but it's always fun to talk about our hike. Some people admire us and some think we're crazy!
We kept it short again today, around 12 miles to Wilbur Clearing Shelter. It started to sprinkle as we got close and has been raining all evening, so we're sleeping inside tonight with Sky High and a section hiker. The forecast for the next five days is rain...hopefully the sun will pop out at some point. I'm making it an early night tonight in hopes that I'll have more energy tomorrow...
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