Monday, August 8, 2011

August 7

The wind blew hard all night and it rained off and on. I woke around 5:30 this morning and it was still drizzling so I slept until 7. A cloudy, foggy, and damp morning, and I felt a little better but still not good. We headed down the steep mountain, and Bear Bag predicted two falls between us since everything was wet from last night...and he was right on! I was the first to fall; my feet slipped right out from under me and I fell on my butt and pack. I was a little dirty but uninjured. Bear Bag fell shortly after on a rock I think, landing on his pack. "A comfortable fall" is how he described it! We came to a road crossing between Williamstown and North Adams and took a break at a footbridge in town. While we were sitting there, Rob Bird pulled up in his van! He had dropped off some slackpackers who were staying with him. He gave us a ride to Friendly's in North Adams...we ate breakfast and walked the .7 back to the trail. We had planned for 17 miles today but with all the breaks we knew we probably wouldn't make it. We had another 1000+ climb that was slow going and included a poorly-blazed boulder field at the top...super slow going. We took another break, and then it was off to Vermont! We're FINALLY out of Massachusetts! It feels like we're making progress. We've heard Vermont is muddy and it certainly lived up to its reputation. More slow going as we picked our way through mudholes. We ended up at Seth Warner Shelter, and it's crowded here with Long Trail hikers. The Long Trail starts at the MA-VT border and goes 273 miles to Canada. It runs concurrent to the AT for 105 miles. Strange to think that these people are just starting their journeys; we're so far into ours!
Despite the forecast the afternoon was pleasant and full of sunshine. Some clouds rolled in this evening so we'll see how the night goes!
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  1. Sounds like it's time to see a doctor, Linds. Your symptoms aren't going away. Maybe it's nothing, but this way you'll know for sure.

  2. I agree with tbear. Best to checked by a doc. No need to be sick and trying to hike. The hike is hard enough and nothing is more important than your health.


  3. I'll third that. It's probably nothing, but it may be something simple like giardia. Nothing that a few pills won't fix. Keep positive, we're all rooting for you :)

  4. See a Doctor. Check for Lyme or giardia. If you can not afford it Bear Bag has lots of money and I am sure he will lend it to you.

  5. I will agree with those above. I think you said in an earlier post you using Aqua Mira as your water purification. Chlorine dioxide takes time to work. Make sure you're not cutting your time short. Make sure you are mixing the two parts of the chemical together prior to adding it to your water or it will not work. It is recommended that you treat your water for 15 to 20 min. prior to consumption. That assumes that you're water is temperate. it is claimed that that is only effective against bacteria, not protozoa, virus,(Cryptosporidium). If you are pulling water from a cold mountain stream, treatment times can be lengthened to approximately 4 hours.

    My solution, get a SteriPen. It does not weigh that much more and it will kill anything in the water in a very short period of time. the biggest complaint about the SteriPen is the batteries. Get them from for a box of 12 only costs about $24 if I remember correctly.

    I am just a weekend backpacker so be sure to verify everything I've said for yourself before taking action.

  6. I would agree with previous posts only because another thru-hiker I've been following oddly has been describing similar issues, and she can't be but a week behind you. The other guess would be you have drained your salts/electrolytes so much due to the hot weather that gatorade isn't enough to recoup. You are (both) just now hitting the wall and your body is rebelling. The doc visit is the only good way to tell for sure.

  7. sounds like you need a trip to the doctor, check out this blog entry by the good badger,
    i realise you are not a guy but i am sure it is still relevant.

    hopefully all you need to do is drink more water.
    I have been following your blog since the begining and wish you all the best in becoming a thru hiker

  8. i am in san jose and stumbled on your blog today while at home recuperating from knee surgery. my dream has been to do a thru hike ever since i first stepped on the trail for a short stroll in the middle of a family vacation back east (Boiling Springs) some years back. my biggest fear right now is not being able to get healthy enough to handle it - my plan was to do it after i retire (i'm 57 right now) and get the kid off to college - after "catching up" with your blog and videos, i am now determined to overcome my hesitation and declare to the world that i WILL be able to get on the trail. You have been an inspiration - i truly wish that your health i good and i am looking forward to your posts!

  9. I took a look at the zrdavis blog and I think Badger is right on the money. I play a lot of tennis in the the southern heat and humidity and after two hours of singles play, my hat is more than soaked through. When it drys the hat is no longer flexible and the crusted salt is very obvious (dark colored hat). My MD had suggested as Badger's did that I add a teaspoon of salt to my diet on the days that I play along with pedialyte for the other missing elements.

    I only play a couple days a week for a couple hours at a time. Your life is on the trail for months at a time. At the very least, get some powdered Gatorade at WallMart. Mine has it in the weight lifting area (where they keep the dumbbells and such).

    Still, check with a Doctor just to make sure!

    Love your posts! Please keep it up!!