Friday, August 12, 2011

August 9

I slept surprisingly well and woke feeling good around 7 to a beautiful clear morning on the front porch. Bear Bag and I were the first ones up so we gathered our gear and headed out to the driveway to pack up. We had the luxury of toasting our pop tarts this morning! The guy who gave us a ride yesterday came by again and gave us a ride back to the trail. We were going to do 14 miles today but got a late start and shortened it to 10. We walked uphill nearly all day through lots more mud, but I felt good and enjoyed the day. We met several southbounders today as well; we're seeing more and more of them. It started to sprinkle as we neared Goddard Shelter and rained as soon as we arrived...just in time! The shelter is new and there is a beautiful piped spring nearby; unfortunately the privy is infested with flies! It's so disappointing to open a privy door and find it unusable...
It's a full house tonight as a lot of people from the hostel last night came here and everyone wants to be inside because of the rain. It's been rainy and windy all evening...going to be a cold night! We haven't been up this high, 3500 feet, in a long time. Supposedly we only have one more day of rain...
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