Thursday, August 4, 2011

July 31

It's so nice to sleep in on the trail! Tomahawk, Bear Bag, and I got up between 7 and 7:30 and took our time packing up. With only 2.9 miles to town, there was no need to rush! The leaders for the group that was at the shelter last night were making cinnamon bagels for breakfast and offered some to us! A great supplement to my pop tarts. We left camp for the quick miles into town. We stopped for breakfast at a sub shop and then headed to the Shell gas station to ask about the hostel where we were planning to stay. The Bird Cage isn't in our guidebooks but the word on the trail was to ask for Rob at the gas station and he would let you stay at his house. So we got to the station, the employee call Rob, and ten minutes later we were sitting in the guy's kitchen drinking sodas. Rob lets hikers stay in his house, and gives them showers, laundry, and shuttles around town. He also gives haircuts! Haha, we saw a couple of people a few days ago with mohawks courtesy of Rob, and Tomahawk decided to get one. Bear Bag started to get a buzz cut but the clippers died and he had to walk around with half a head of hair for awhile...
We all took showers and Rob did our laundry for us! He went to go pick up some more hikers so I finished Bear Bag's hair...another first for me on the trail! And not too bad if I say so myself. We then walked down to the Dalton general store and got sandwiches for lunch. Several more people showed up this afternoon so the house will be pretty crowded tonight! 21 is the total, which includes several southbounders as well.
Around 7, Rob piled a bunch of us in his van and shuttled us to a shopping center for dinner and resupply. Bear Bag and I ate at Taco Bell and Wendy's and headed over to Walmart. Rob picked us back up at 9 and we piled 13 people into his minivan for the ride back to his house. A great nero and we should be ready for a good day tomorrow!
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