Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August 30

The morning began with a descent down to a river and then we began the climb up Mt Cube. The climb wasn't very difficult but there were several false summits that were kind of frustrating. We stopped at a view that we thought was the summit for a break, and we saw a bald eagle fly overhead! I busted out with "America the Beautiful"...it was a very cool moment! The day was gorgeous and full of sunshine, and we finally reached the summit and headed down the mountain. We came up behind Muldoon stopped at Brackett Brook; he was in the process of putting his crocs on to cross the swollen water. He made it across, and Bear Bag went a ways upstream to try to rock-hop across. I followed Muldoon's idea and changed into my crocs to cross. The water was about knee deep and I took careful steps to avoid slipping on the rocks. My feet felt so refreshed though from the water!
We followed the muddy, sloppy mess of a trail down to a road crossing. On the other side there were planks to walk across but the water underneath was so deep that they were floating, sunken, and unstable. Not wanting to bother with crocs again we finagled our way across using a sign post for support. Surely our mudhole avoidance is a sight to see...lots of hops, skips, branch holding, and walking on hillsides to avoid getting wet and muddy. Of course by the end of the day our feet are wet and muddy anyway...
We had one more climb up Mt Mist for a 16-ish mile day and are camping near a stream we found. Tomorrow we officially start the White Mountains (I think?) with a 3500-foot climb up Moosilauke!
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