Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 1

Last night was late and I only slept until about 7...still tired! The hotel had free breakfast so we indulged, and then packed our gear and checked out...and went mini golfing. Yes. There was a course right next to the hotel and we were only planning for 7.5 or something miles so what was another hour? We are much better at hiking than at putting; we both scored over par and Bear Bag beat me by about ten strokes. It was enjoyable though! We ate lunch at McDonald's and then stopped at Dunkin Donuts for dessert. Then it was thumbs out on the side of the road. It didn't take long when a couple of young guys in a big SUV pulled over for us. They took us back to the trailhead and we started up. We had climbing for about 4 miles but it was fairly gentle. The trail is just so rugged and it kills our speed. We did the first 3 miles in two hours! We finally got to the top after clawing and climbing our way up boulders and rock faces, and picking our way around rocks and roots and mud. From the top we had 3 miles down but it was equally slow going. We finally arrived at Eliza Brook Shelter for the night. It took nearly 5 hours to go 7.5 miles! Guess we need to get used to this slow pace. Muldoon, Little Bruce, Four Eyes (flip-flopper), and ourselves are the only thru-hikers here tonight. There is a large group of college students here as well and they shared their smores with us this evening! More climbing tomorrow as we continue through the Whites!
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