Monday, September 12, 2011

September 10

It's always difficult to get back on the road after a zero...let alone two! Breakfast at Burger King and a quick hitch back to Pinkham Notch. There were so many people! I couldn't believe the amount of dayhikers we saw. The three of us hung around the visitor center for awhile and got on the trail about 11:30. Slow going as we climbed a rugged Wildcat Mountain. We got great views on the way up of Washington and all the mountains in the distance. About halfway up we stopped for a break and I decided to collapse my poles and stow them in my pack. First time I haven't used them on this trip! It felt very strange at first but the freedom I had moving uphill was wonderful. I could move much faster by using my hands to pull myself up over the rocks without worrying about my poles dragging behind my arms and getting stuck on something. The only problem was downhill...I depend on my poles a lot for downhill and it was very, very hard on my knees to descend without them. I'm not sure if I'll make sans-pole hiking part of my daily routine.
We got to Wildcat peak D (there are 5 peaks), where there is a gondola that runs up and down the mountain. Aaand, of course someone (I think it was Snowy?) had to mention taking the gondola down and going back to town tonight. There are two road crossings to Gorham that we pass, and the plan was to make it to the second tomorrow and go back into town to resupply. We calculated that if we took the gondola down, stayed in town, rode it back up in the morning, and did about 18 miles tomorrow, we would end up in the same place as planned. Hmmm, another shower? A bed?
Honestly, it didn't take much convincing for any of us, and Snowy called the Royalty Inn, sweet-talked the front desk clerk (same one we dealt with yesterday) and scored us an entire apartment for the same rate as a room. Seriously?! No way we could turn that down; before we knew it we were on the gondola descending from Wildcat. We hitched a ride to Walmart to resupply tonight since tomorrow is a big day. We loaded our packs into carts and headed up and down the aisles. Bear Bag and Snowy got fried chicken and I bought a Lunchable (ha, strangely I've been craving that for awhile), and we sat in front of Walmart eating our dinners. I love being a bum. We started walking toward the road to hitch a ride to the hotel and before we even stuck our thumbs out a guy pulled over and offered a ride! We checked into this amazing apartment (Lisa at the front desk told us that out-of-town doctors normally stay here when they come to work at the hospital nearby) bedroom plus a sleeper sofa, full kitchen, washer, dryer...everything. Amazing! We headed to the pool, hut tub, and sauna, and then tried our hand at racquetball. Bear Bag has played before so he taught Snowy and me and we enjoyed a game full of laughs. Bear Bag won of course, and we didn't leave the rec center until almost 10. Chickadee and Honeybee are in town too and they are crashing on the floor tonight because they didn't have anywhere to stay. Today has been an adventure but tomorrow is going to be a challenge for sure!
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  1. Thank you for the update. Keep on it.

    Have fun.


  2. I follow you from the beginnig. It is fantastic.
    A friend fron Texas walk now the Southbound. He is now in New York and will finish in November.
    Good Bless You

  3. Sorry Lindsey, gotta do it.

    Your words on Sept 9 "I didn't walk more than 1800 miles to fail."

    Ya just gotta get out of this "town mode" thing you're doing and do get some real trail miles in. All this hitching and riding and bumming around town is wasting precious trail time. Times a wasting girl!


  4. I gotta agree with Woodenarrows... Time is a wasting and I haven't read all of your posts to watch you fail!

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Each step puts you one step closer!


  5. Lindsay .... U CAN DO IT !!!!!!