Monday, September 19, 2011

September 14

Oh goodness are we digging ourselves into a hole?
I've been sneezing for a couple of days now and woke up with a full-blown head cold this morning. Stuffy/runny nose, watering eyes, sore throat, cough, headache, stuffy head, stiff neck, and a stomachache that's taken me to the bathroom much more than normal. The plan today was 17 miles to Maine. We had an alarm set for 6 and I vaguely remember waking up this morning, rolling over, and going back to sleep. Bear Bag woke up at 8 and Snowy and I were still we figured 12 miles would suffice.
I could have hiked today. I didn't/don't feel good, and it wouldn't have been my favorite day on the trail, but I could have hiked...but we didn't.
We went down to the lobby and Lisa at the front desk had made Snowy a birthday cake! His birthday is the 18th and he found out she loves to bake, so he talked her into making him a cake. Oh, Snowy. It was delicious though and the cake was breakfast for three with leftovers. After a bit Bear Bag was hungry for "real food" so I walked with him to Burger King.
We talked about getting a room at the hotel but they were booked, so Snowy called Steerman and Turtle Feet, who are staying at the White Mountains Hostel, and the hostel shuttle that was out on a Walmart run stopped and picked us up! We went to the post office, Walmart, and Burger King, and then to the hostel. We got checked and settled in, and since then lots more people have shown's a full house tonight! This is a nice place though, with real beds and sheets and everything! Tomorrow it's supposed to rain but we're planning to get out early and make it to Maine!

Oh, and congrats to Fiber and Veto who summited Katahdin this morning! It's hard to believe the end is really up there...
I'm not sure where Muffin Man is but Pappy has been taking some time off due to an infection in his hand. Hopefully he can heal and finish!
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