Monday, September 19, 2011

September 16

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I was toasty warm last night but it was a chilly morning and a cold, cold day. We left this morning and started our way up Mt Success, and the wind was roaring. Near the top, we said goodbye to Snowy who was planning to do a bigger day than us. It started to sprinkle on the way up and the top was exposed and very, very cold and windy! It took awhile for my hands to regain feeling! After that, we climbed through a dangerously slick boulder field and down a slick rock slab that I went sliding down on my butt uncontrollably and went rolling into the mud at the bottom. So much for dry and clean clothes! I've lost count of falls...13 now? But shortly after, we saw the sign for Maine! Snowy and Chatter were taking a break there so we ate lunch as well, took our pictures with the sign, and were shivering like crazy so we kept moving. It started to sprinkle again and then it snowed! So cold; the thermometer on my pack said 38 degrees! It sleeted on us a bit and then stopped, and we had some crazy terrain to welcome us to Maine! There was a boulder jumble with about a 5 foot drop-off that we descended. Basically I just lifted myself down between a crack. Later we had a climb that was straight up a rock face, and there was actually iron debar bolted into the rock and a wooden ladder further up. But, the sun came out and we had a great view from the top! Windy though, and I was knocked off balance several times! The clouds rolled back in and we got more snow and more wind as we crossed a ridge. There were lots of planks to walk on in sloppy areas but some were sunken so we had to pick our way around...needless to say, my feet got wet! More rebar on a downhill and we finally made it 9.6 miles to Full Goose took us all day! Full shelter tonight with Goopah, Walking Home, Achilles, Chatter, Engineer, Yoga Boy, Snowy, Bear Bag, and myself. We have a huge fire going and it is going to be COLD tonight! Mahoosuc Notch tomorrow!
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