Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 19

Last night wasn't as cold and I was comfortable in my tent. We were up at 6, packed up, and headed downhill to find Snowy waiting for us at a waterfall! We hiked with him up to East B Hill Road where he had stashed his pack, and continued on our way. We had almost 6 miles of gradual uphill that wasn't difficult but became annoying after awhile and wore me out at the end. We took a break at Hall Mountain Shelter, refilled on water, and followed the trail down a steep descent. From the bottom, we went right back up Moody Mountain, a steep climb at first with lots of ladders and rebar, but it flattened out after about an hour. I had to make a pit stop (maybe it's the cheese or pepperoni from those weekend hikers?) partway up and got to the top to find Snowy and Bear Bag waiting at a beautiful view. Snowy had plastered mud on half of his face Braveheart-style and it cracked us both up. We called Pine Ellis Hostel to let them know we were close to the road, and then made the easy descent to South Arm Road, and it's a good thing the hostel does shuttles because it was a country road with very little traffic! David gave us each a lemonade and drove us to his house where he runs the hostel. Bear Bag and I walked to the post office to pick up packages and then headed to the general store/diner with Snowy for dinner and an expensive and selective resupply. I got a shower, we did laundry, and it's been a lazy evening.
Supposedly the terrain only gets easier from here, so I'm looking forward to making more progress. If only we don't get the rain that's forecasted this week!
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  1. Thanks for the update. Keep on it. You gona make it.


  2. Keep going strong Lindsey! You're almost there!!!