Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 20

Snowy, Bear Bag, and I got up at 6 and walked to the diner for breakfast. French toast and bacon hit the spot, and then it was a fast walk back to the hostel in the rain. Our shuttle left at 8 and we were back on the trail at 8:30...not bad for a morning after a night in town! It was still raining but only lightly and once we were in the woods it wasn't much of a bother. We had a climb for about 2.5 miles right off the bat and then the terrain flattened out a lot compared to what it has been. We were hoping to make good time on this section but there were so many rocks and roots and so much mud that we couldn't move quickly. The rain stopped for a bit and then sprinkled on us later but again wasn't anything to worry about, although the rocks and roots were wet and slippery, slippery, slippery. We took a break at Bemis Mountain Shelter with Yoga Boy and Engineer, and then continued on our way. We passed some southbounders who told us of boggy, muddy conditions ahead; I know not to trust word of mouth completely but their attitudes got me worried! I'm hoping it's nothing more difficult than what we've seen already.
More wet rocks and roots, especially on the downhills, led to more slips and more falls...I fell once, Snowy fell once, and Bear Bag took the cake with a total of 9 falls today. Nine! We stopped for the night at a campsite near a stream. Yoga Boy and Engineer stopped here with us plus No Worries...a little tent city in the woods! Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nicer; maybe we can get some good hiking in..?
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  1. What kind of shoes was Bearbag wearing?