Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 21

I was so thankful for the sunshine today! Snowy left with Bear Bag and me and we had to cross the stream near where we camped. Supposedly this was a "ford" according to the guidebook but we were able to walk upstream a bit and cross on some logs and rocks; only my left foot got wet. We had a climb after that, up to a construction site on a road, and from the road we had an amazing view of a lake and the beginnings of fall colors in the morning light. Beautiful!
The profile for the trail today looked easy and we were hoping to make great time ("Virginia cruising" as we call it), but it was so rough that we couldn't...again, rocks, roots, mud, wet rocks, wet roots, deep mud. We passed a pond (Moxie?) and stopped for a quick break at a sandy beach area. It was gorgeous!...that's what I love about Maine: mountains, ponds, and nothing else. Few roads, few people, little sound. It's wonderful.
We took a longer than intended lunch break at Sabbath Day Pond Shelter and decided there to do 10 more miles to Rangeley as opposed to 12 more miles to a shelter. The terrain got a bit better from there and we made decent time, doing the ten miles in about 4 hours. The more level ground made for less falls but the mud caused lots of slips and I fell once after tripping on a root. Snowy and Bear Bag were just a bit ahead of me and I got to the parking lot and they already had a ride waiting! I jumped in and the guy took us to the Saddleback Motor Inn on the edge of Rangeley. The shower felt wonderful and we ate at the restaurant downstairs. It's supposed to rain for the next few days and I am not looking forward to that. The rain worries me about stream fords as well...
I found out that Muffin Man summited on the 13th! Congrats to him! And Pappy's hand is better and he's back on the trail!
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  1. September 21, 2017, what a special day. Who would have ever thought that 6 years later Bear Bag (Seth) and Hover(Lindsey) would welcome into this world Levi Matthew! The gifts for our families just keep on coming.