Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 22

The bed last night was absolutely wonderful. I got up around 6:30; Snowy and Bear Bag slept until 7. We got packed up (taking some poptarts from the coffee table in the lobby), and walked to the grocery store less than a half mile away. We played the banana game, where you call "banana" on any yellow motorized got pretty intense; Snowy and I had 20 points and Bear Bag got 40. It always brings lots of laughs!
We got to the grocery store and bought breakfast and snacks for the next few days. We sat out front on the sidewalk and ate...Old School, James, Yoga Boy, and Engineer showed up as well. We decided we should get moving so stuck our thumbs out on the road (playing banana of course) took awhile but a guy finally pulled over for us. It was nearly 11 when we got started up Saddleback Mountain. The climb wasn't very difficult and we passed some beautiful ponds along the way. The top was pretty foggy but we had some passing views. Next was a climb up The Horn and we had some amazing views! Maine is difficult but wonderful.
We took a break at the bottom and met the Potato Man, who thru-hiked in 2002, doing a section southbound. He told us some stories about his hike, and actually teared up as he talked about reaching Katahdin. It was then that it really hit home that this trip is nearly over. I teared up as well.
Next was Saddleback Junior and then it was down to Poplar Ridge Lean-To. It's crowded here tonight; a full shelter and tents all around. It's late too...Snowy and Sundance have been bickering about Into the Wild and everyone else has been chiming in opinions. Haha, lots of laughs for sure.
It only sprinkled on us a bit today so hopefully we will get lucky and stay dry tomorrow as well! We're going to try to get as close as we can to Stratton!
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