Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 23

It rained last night but the morning was sunny. Bear Bag and I were the first to leave camp and we headed downhill to Orbeton Stream. It was possible but scary to rock-hop so we both donned our crocs and waded across the knee-deep water. We took a break on the other side and Snowy, Sundance, and Pacemaker caught up to us. From there it was uphill to Lone Mountain, and then we actually had some flat/easy terrain! And it was wonderful to just hike again.
We took a break with a big thru-hiker crowd at Spaulding Mountain Shelter, and from there we left with Snowy for another climb, up Spaulding Mountain. It was a steep and rocky downhill to the south branch of the Carrabassett River, but we got some amazing views of the fall colors on the way down!
I noticed a few days ago that my right knee was feeling a bit odd. On downhill and flat sections, the front outside of my knee seems to be tight and it feels like something is pulling when I take a step. I wasn't really concerned about it until today when it really started to bother me. Instead of a tight feeling, it was giving me a sharp pain with each step, similar to that I had in my left knee for about the first month of this trip. I tied a banana around the base of my knee to put pressure on it but that didn't seem to help. I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse; 200 miles on a painful knee would not be fun!
When we got to the Carrabassett, we had to cross...the book has this listed as a ford but the water was low enough that we could rock-hop on boulders. There was a rope across to help but it was still a scary crossing with 2-3 feet of water raging below. There is a campsite on the other side and we stopped for the day along with Sundance and Pacemaker, Snowy, Engineer, Yoga Boy, and James...a crowd! Tomorrow we are all heading up and over the Crockers to Stratton for resupply, laundry, and showers...and food, of course!
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  1. Lindsay, thanks for the update. I love the pics. I bet your knee is bothering you due to a heavier pack and the repitition.

    Your in Maine , the last State! Keep it up, your going to make it.


  2. Yes, Thanks Lindsey for the updates AND the great photos. It's nice to again be reading your posts on the days hike :-)) Hang in there, you're getting every so close.


  3. Link to knee pain article (has some stretches and exercises).

  4. Seth's mom says purchase an elastic knee support. Maybe one for each knee. Make sure you ice your knees down at every "Nearo"
    I feel for you with knee pain. If you can get your knees in a cold stream, lake, or river, do it until they are numb. It really will help.
    You only have 414947 footprints left. Enjoy every step.

  5. You are an amazing woman with such a peaceful spirit and a positive outlook, Keep hiking, girl. one step at a time, one foot after another. carry on!