Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 26

We escaped town!
We slept until about 7:30 and ate Lucky Charms and donuts for breakfast. Then Bear Bag and I went to the post office; he mailed home his trekking poles, which he hasn't been using, and I sent home my Marmot rain jacket that soaks up water (I had a different jacket mailed to me in Andover). We walked back to the motel and lounged around until check-out time, and figured we'd get lunch in town. Sundance and Pace, Snowy, Bear Bag, and I wanted to go to a diner on the edge of town, too far away to walk. So we tried to hitch there but weren't having any luck. The other three decided to just get pizza from the general store just as a lady walked up and offered a ride, but she only had room for two. Bear Bag and I took her up on it. She and her husband drove us to the diner, but it was closed! So, they just took us back to the trail.
It was smooth walking for the first two miles and I felt good. The day was gorgeous and warm, and my knee didn't bother me at all. We took a lunch break at a campsite and then started up the Bigelows. The climb was long but not very difficult, although it took us awhile. We got to Horns Pond Lean-Tos around 4 and decided to stay at this beautiful spot. There are wonderful flat tent sites and a really nice and clean privy! We sat down by the pond for awhile before cooking dinner and getting into bed to warm up; it will be a chilly night at 3000-some feet! We expected Sundance, Pace, and Snowy to show up but found out they took another zero!..good thing we got that hitch out of town!!
It still seems strange to picture myself on a map and to think I'm all the way up in Maine. And I walked here, from Georgia! We cross 2000 miles tomorrow morning...It's almost unbelievable.
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