Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 5

Another early morning on the dining room floor. We were up at 6 to lightning and rain but the rain stopped and the sky cleared around 7:30. We ate breakfast leftovers: eggs, oatmeal, bacon, and muffins, and swept the hut. The croo didn't have anything else for us so Long Trail, Snowy, Bear Bag, and I all left together around 9:30...with a note from the croo to Mizpah Spring Hut saying that they should let us work for stay as well! Golden ticket? So our plan was 14 miles to Mizpah. The first 5 miles were mostly flat and we averaged 3 felt so good! We took a break at Ethan Pond Shelter and then headed downhill for a few miles to 302, which is closed in one section because it got washed out in the hurricane. We took a break there and started up Mt Webster...a steep and exhausting climb. We got to Webster Cliffs and kind of had a view, but it starting sprinkling on us about that time. It started pouring as we climbed Mt Webster...literally CLIMBED Mt Webster. Lots of rock faces with hand-over-hand climbing...enjoyable but dangerous and slippery in the rain. With my exertion it was too hot to wear rain gear, so I just got soaked. Then we had about 3 more wet miles to the hut, including more rock climbing up Mt Jackson. By this time the rain had returned to sprinkling, but with the wind I was getting chilled since I was soaked. The downhill was even more dangerous as we had to navigate more wet rock faces. I was completely soaked and was just sloshing through all of the mud and puddles and stream of a feet went completely under muddy water on multiple occasions. It was about 6:30 when I finally arrived at the hut...and all 4 of us got the work for stay! Several others here as well, probably about 10 thru-hikers total. We had dinner leftovers: turkey, pasta, soup, and cookies, and we did some cleaning afterwards. I made my bed again on the dining room floor and it feels AMAZING to be wearing dry clothes and to be out of the rain!
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  1. Thank you for the update. Sounds like things are going well.

    Hang on, you may have several days of rain on the way.

    Be safe and keep warm.


  2. So thankful you've been able to stay in the huts. Prayers continue for you and Seth!